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Publicidad-ads.net reserves the right to accept or reject any editor at any time. If it is not accepted, the Editor will not be entitled to any payment, even if income is generated in the Publisher Account at Publicidad-ads.net. It is the responsibility of the Editor to update and follow all the Guidelines and Rules of Publicidad-ads.net. And the country of residence of the Editor. If the publisher is buying traffic outside their own website or applications, acting as an intermediary between other traffic sources and Publicidad-ads.net, as an agent, media buyer or advertising network, the editor is responsible for the fulfillment of all its partners, sources and traffic, which is sent to the Publicidad-ads.net network.


Examples of websites or applications that we do not accept are:

  • Websites / applications that infringe the intellectual property, copyright or trademark of others.
  • Websites / applications that participate or transmit unsolicited emails, SMS, spam, messages, etc.
  • Websites / applications with illegal, false or misleading investment advice
  • Websites / applications that are under construction or have limited content
  • Websites / applications with more than one popup / - under
  • websites / applications with discrimination, hate or violence against a person or group of people according to their origin, ethnicity, nation, race or religion
  • Websites / applications that promote pornographic content with minors, bestiality or eschatology.

Advertising-ads.net, if you examine all the websites or applications on the platform that sends us traffic, but any website or application can be verified for compliance at any time by our own initiative or if we are informed, without prior notification to the editor. If the website or application in question violates this Agreement, the Editor will not be entitled to any payment, even if income is generated in the Account on the Advertising-ads.net Platform.


The Platform Publicidad-ads.net, will be the official counter of statistics, impressions, clicks, income obtained, etc. Any form of artificially generated traffic, including but not limited to fraudulent impressions or clicks, generated by automatic redirects, bots, botnets, iframes, parents, window redirection or scripts will result in the termination of this Agreement and the Account. The Editor agrees to be solely responsible for errors and direct or indirect damages or losses inflicted on Publicidad-ads.net or its Advertisers, for said traffic or fraudulent and non-compliant use, through the Advertising-ads.net Platform. The publisher will not be entitled to any payment from Publicidad-ads.net and agrees to grant direct compensation in the event that Publicidad-ads.net suffers damages or losses, monetary or otherwise.



Through this Agreement, the Editor orders Advertising-ads.net to generate and issue invoices on behalf of the Editor, often called Reverse Billing. Publicidad-ads.net, will automatically generate these invoices and the corresponding payments in US dollars to the editor weekly, according to the statistics of the Advertising-ads.net platform. The publisher is solely responsible for keeping your personal or business information up to date at all times. This information is used for invoices. The publisher agrees to be solely responsible for errors, losses or direct or indirect damages of any inaccuracy of this information. The publisher can withdraw earnings through any of the payment methods available on the Advertising-ads.net platform. The available payment methods may change at any time, but may include PayPal, and bank transfer (through Advertising-ads.net).



If an account is inactive for twelve (1) months or more, Publicidad-ads.net, reserves the right to consider that the account is obsolete and may close it without prior notice to the account holder. In this case, Publisher will not be entitled to any additional payment from Publicidad-ads.net.


The publisher accepts and understands that Publicidad-ads.net is an independent third-party service for both the advertiser and the publisher. It means that Publicidad-ads.net is not liable to the Editor for the income that is not paid / settled from the Advertisers and the Editor will keep Publicidad-ads.net harmless and out of any claim or liability related to such unpaid amounts. Publicidad-ads.net, agrees to make all reasonable efforts to invoice, collect and settle payments of Advertisers on a regular basis. Any expense or payment, such as bank commissions, monetary or transactional fees, income taxes, etc., based on the income generated in Publicidad-ads.net, when participating as Editor, is the sole responsibility of the Editor and the Editor accepts Advertising-ads.net is not reliable for it. .


Any advertising zone code provided or made available by Publicidad-ads.net, to the publisher, belongs to Publicidad-ads.net and must not be modified or modified in any way before the written consent of Publicidad-ads.net. It can only be used on websites or applications, added and approved in the publisher account at Publicidad-ads.net. It should never be distributed or sent to any newsgroup, email distribution list, chat room, forum, board, guestbook or other location without prior written consent.


Publicidad-ads.net, reserves the right to disclose information or suspend payments if the authorities or the courts require it.


During the term of this Agreement, both Parties must comply with all the rules and regulations applicable to the laws governing privacy and data protection.