Terms & Conditions For advertirse

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The advertiser must pay in advance their advertising budget in US dollars ($) / (Euro €) through the payment methods valid on the Advertising-ads.net platform. These payment methods may change at any time, but may include credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer. All charges to the Advertising Budget (Account Funds) on Publicidad-ads.net, are based solely on the Statistics of the Publicidad-ads.net platform, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Advertiser acknowledges that the information related to billing and payment that the Advertiser provides to Publicidad-ads.net may be shared with other companies that work on behalf of Publicidad-ads.net, such as credit card processors and / or other processors or general payment agencies.


Publicidad-ads.net, makes every effort to provide the best possible service to its advertisers. The advertiser owns and is entitled to deposits made on the Advertising-ads.net Platform, which have not been spent on advertising. However, such deposits will not be reimbursed for Accounts that are inactive for more than twelve (1) months or that violate this Agreement in any way.


Publicidad-ads.net, reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising campaign, creativity or other advertising Content at any time, for any reason that Publicidad-ads.net deems appropriate, at the sole discretion of Publicidad-ads.net. Warnings may be made if the Advertising Content does not follow the guidelines and rules provided by Publicidad-ads.net, or what is considered the general rule at that time. In addition, the Account may be closed if warnings have been made and the problem is repeated, or if the violation is deemed to violate this Agreement. The Advertiser is responsible for any image, URL or other Advertising Content uploaded on the Advertising-ads.net Platform, as well as the landing page and the content it contains. Publicidad-ads.net will be exempt from damages, infractions, losses or liabilities, monetary or otherwise, in case of any violation of this Agreement, illegal content,


Examples of advertising content that we do not accept are:

  • any content consisting of paraphilia, violence, racism, hatred against any individual, group or organization.
  • any content that contains minors in adult, pornographic or sexual situations or environments.
  • any content that offers illegal products or services.
  • any content with the use of third party brands without the written consent of the brand owner.
  • any content that infringes the intellectual property rights or copy of third parties.
  • Any content that does not respect our Advertising Guidelines or Rules .
  • any content aimed at children under 18.


During the term of this Agreement, both Parties must comply with all the rules and regulations applicable to the laws governing privacy and data protection.


You, the advertiser and / or the publisher, acknowledge that Publicidad-ads.net ,, in the case of an order from an administrative authority or a court, may disclose personal or commercial information, or information about the services provided and / or the use of these.

Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy describes how Publicidad-ads.net (owned and operated by HOSTINGWEBS) handles funds / money from accounts and campaigns on the Advertising-ads.net Platform.

Account Funds

Account funds that have not been spent can be refunded / withdrawn at any time, unless the account has been inactive / obsolete for 12 months or more. To request a refund of your account, simply make a withdrawal request using the same payment method you used to deposit the funds into your account. Withdrawal requests are normally processed within 5/10 business days. In very rare cases, it may take longer.

Campaign refunds

Account funds can be spent on campaigns to buy traffic. The funds are then transferred from the balance of your available account to funds reserved for your campaigns to cover your daily budgets. You are not entitled to any refund for the money spent on your campaigns. To make a refund of the remaining money in your campaign (s), simply pause the campaign (s) and the funds will be automatically refunded from the reserved funds of your campaign (s) to the balance from your account available in 15/40 minutes. OR UP TO 48 HOURS The only exceptions to this rule are notification ad campaigns

admin@Publicidad-ads.net , for which the reimbursement process after the break lasts 24/48 hours.